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Hell Yes! – A new album from SLASH is here!

The World is about to get a lot hotter with WORLD ON FIRE: The new album from SLASHfeaturing Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators. It comes on full throttle and in-your-face, a hunk of burning rock ‘n’ roll that takes no prisoners. It’s the follow-up to their 2012 debut, Apocalyptic Love, and it will kick your ass!

“We’ve been playing together for a while and I think it’s gotten to the point where everybody’s comfortable in their own skin,” says Rock & Roll Hall of Fame guitarist SLASH. “It turned out to be a very easy process. We definitely had chemistry from the very first time we entered a room together. It was instantaneous magic.”

WORLD ON FIRE represents that chemistry, as SLASH, vocalist MYLES KENNEDY, bassist TODD KERNS and drummer BRENT FITZ blaze through 17 songs that run the gamut of topics; some derived from tour bus conversations between Myles & Slash. These range from the pointed sexual politics of “Battleground,” “Dirty Girl” and “Stone Blind,” the anti-war sentiments of “Dissident” the coming-of-age saga “Bent to Fly,” to such charged issues as elephant poaching in “Beneath the Savage Sun”, child abuse in the Catholic Church with “The Unholy”, addiction issues in “Wicked Stone” and the perils faced by females of a certain age in show business on “Withered Delilah”. There’s also a song inspired by Mad Men’s Don Draper called “Shadow Life” and a rockin’ instrumental “Safari Inn”.

“I was influenced by the group ethic as a kid coming up,” admits Slash. “As soon as I picked up a guitar in junior high school, I started a band. That’s the vibe I’m looking for, the interaction between musicians. Having a singer whom I know where he’s at, and writing with him in mind; my songwriting skills have gotten a lot better.”

“This is basically a happy record with some dark subject matter,” acknowledges Slash. “It ends up in a positive place, but it also leaves you with the idea not to get too comfortable.”

Bottom Line: The music is ON FIRE! Check it out on iTunes here: Slash – World On Fire



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